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  • Casino Birthday Party

    Casino Birthday Party

    Now as some of you may know (I’m not really sure if WordPress notifies subscribers, but I believe it does?)  It was my birthday a couple of days ago and […]

  • Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

    Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

    Sport is a big part of the University experience. If sport was important before, it is going to be even bigger now. This year Glasgow is going to be the […]

  • Football at School

    Football at School

    One of the benefits of going to University is participating in and watching sports. Our University is great for this. There is so much going on. There is the Garscube […]

  • Fun Facts About Birds

    Fun Facts About Birds

    I learned something really interesting today. A bird’s eye takes up about 50 percent of its head whereas our eyes take up just 5 percent of our head. An ostrich’s […]

  • Exam Week Part 1

    No more trips out into nature for me. It is time to buckle down and hit the books. The dreaded time is looming. Exams. I should be studying now rather […]

  • Falls of Clyde

    Falls of Clyde

    In our previous outing, though we felt we had got away from our university worries and woes, we were still in Glasgow so we wanted to venture further afield for […]